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This book on Vedic astrology was published in Hungarian in 2012, detailing planets in nakshatras. I am presently working out a different system of astrology oracle using cards.

It gives you a basic list of planets in the nakshatras (lunar mansions). This is a first book of its kind in the world. Its translation to English is on the way. If you are interested in landing an English edition (in India or in other English-speaking countries), please write to me.

Kartikeya - Janos Melocco

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Vedic astrology 2016 Spring

The highest challenge at this point is the Mars-Saturn conjunction in the sign of Scorpio. Both planets are retrograde, with Jupiter is retrograde in Leo. This sort of constellation took place once in Spring 1779 - a long time ago.

For Scorpio Ascendants and Moons, this is an especially trying time. Your definition of yourself may be changing dependent upon a partner and your relationship. A similar effect is seen for Taurus ascendants or Moons.

Everyone has the difficult challenge of redefining the relationship of the conscious and the unconscious - Saturn in Scorpio rules the third and fourth houses and it is the sign of changes, letting go, death and rebirth. If there are changes possible in your life with the prospect of either holding on to something or letting go, the latter is more likely. Holding on is simply more difficult because karma has its way. However, not all things are scheduled for destruction - as long as they can be transformed.

Mars has turned retrograde which has an added effect - it is about once in two years. Scorpio is destruction and transformation - and the retrograde is towards the sign of cooperation and partnership - so that is what may not work at the basis. This is true to both personal relations and countries, religions etc. in the wider world. Another added challenge is Pluto which ends up in Sagittarius in the Indian-Tibetan counting and signals fanatical faith, intolerance, dogmatism, and denying differences. Aspecting Gemini results in a projected picture of enemies or the shadow. In world politics, more violent action, terrorism and warlike actions are expected. Soon there will be a three-week Mercury retrograde in Aries (from the 28th of April). All that points to various difficulties in the field of conflicts, war, fighting, accidents.

The other side of the coin though is sudden expansion of unseen spiritual powers, healing and awareness of other beings and ages. The two realities are in sharp contrast for months on end and events will culminate in August.

One important expectation in the world is the American elections this year. Based on the data available, some leading candidates have charts which render them virtually inelectable so don't waste your vote for them. One such person is Donald Trump whose Moon is in the Nakshatra of Jyestha. Mr. Trump has a Rahu period and a Jupiter return - but Jupiter period will only start for him after te elections. His major transit is Sade Sati - thus we can safely assume that unless he would really deserve it, he could not become the president of one of the strongest countries of the world. Another person I looked at was Mr. Ted Cruz, who has a Hastha Moon but his planetary period is Saturn presently. Saturn is fallen in the sign of Aries in his eighth house, in the nakshatra of Bharani which points to violent jealousy problems in former lives. This constellation is opposed by Mars in Swathi. I think this is also an extreme case of not being electable, regardless of his political philosophy. The rest of the candidates remain all electable and range from midly successful to possibly being a success.


Janos Melocco