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Indian Astrology - integrated Vedic astrology in Budapest, Hungary


You have reached the home page of Janos T. Melocco.

There is a more recent English page here: Nakshatra astrology

I am an Indian or Vedic astrologer based near Budapest, Hungary, and I have been studying the sacred art of Indian astrology (Jyotish) since 1990. I have been studying with Master Chandra Om personally time to time since 2002. Chandra's approach has some decidedly Western elements in it as well, like using outer planets and a deeper, psychological approach.

You can call me for a personal reading in English while you are in Hungary – cell phone: 20 433 4489

or send me an e-mail at Skype or other means of communication can also be arranged if you are abroad.

Since the strength of Indian astrology is in its predictive abilities, a Vedic reading can enlighten you on very practical subjects, and answer most of your burning questions – such as:

  • when is a change of career foreseen;
  • is it a good idea to buy a house or renew one;
  • when the birth of a child can be expected;
  • how your finances are doing in the near future;
  • and finally, what is the right time for the foundation of a business, a marriage, a journey etc.

Compatibility between a couple, choices in love or the place of living may also be questions you can get answers to from Vedic Astrology.

This includes spiritual questions as well. Vedic Astrology is firmly based in reincarnational theory, and sometimes very detailed information is shown as to the main tasks of a soul, as well as its previous incarnations, or the direction it is heading toward. Experience with hundreds of clients over the past years has validated certain very ancient methods, as well as the usefulness of some elements from Western astrology (see my more detailed description below), particularly from what is commonly called Karmic astrology. I also look at the Western planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

I also give classes on the basics of this East-West astrology in micro-groups.

Bear in mind that the zodiac of Indian astrology is different from the Western one, therefore most of your sign placements will be different from the usual Western ones– except if it is sidereal or Karmic astrology.

Also, you need to supply an exact birth time for accurate prediction.

If you do not know it for certain (within, say, ten or fifteen minutes), there's no need to worry: I just need to spend some time on rectification. Birth time rectification is a complex process in Hindu astrology just as it is in Western astrology (but the methods applied in the two systems are entirely different - thus Western rectified time may not be always useful). For rectification, you need to supply a few events from your life (along with when they happened, as accurately as possible) and answer a few questions. This process may take anywhere from five minutes to an hour.

Some questions can be answered for people who only know their birthdates, based on the simplified Moon horoscope.

Another thing is, an Indian astrology chart not only looks different from the visual point of view, we use as many as 16 different charts and several time period systems for the same person. Some of those charts remain the same if your birth time is a few minutes away, but some may jump to an entirely different configuration with different results.

This is why it is important to arrive at the correct time.

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