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NLP English

NLP therapy or coaching in communicative skills or personal challenges are performed regulary on an individual basis. This also includes ENGLISH PRACTICE based on Murányi Péter's unique NLP-based Natural Language Acquisition method.

Walking English and English Job Interview Rehearsal are available in Budapest, Hungary addresses.

Success rate is phenomenal.

One learner's testimony: "I have learned more in English and communication though in hours than I did during two months of regular language-school lessons." Zoltán, age 27, Budapest

I use innovative and playful, personal methods to make one actually practice and overcome the personal difficulties - most coming from inappropriate language learning models. The best way to acquire a foundation towards such learning is to take the Foundation's two-day Natural Language Learning method course, then practice your language skills individually...


I also offer simple NLP-based therapy and communications coaching on the basis of NLP sets in English for English-speaking individuals. Such an approach has proven successul in Budapest at holistic centers on an individual basis, as well as during my 2010 Berlin Tour when I had to work with individual's grief and loss as well as goal setting...